Who is killing innocent children of Gaza

In recent days, there has been widespread coverage in the mainstream media regarding the alleged beheading of Israeli children. This narrative has been echoed by several EU leaders, including President Biden. The dissemination of such misleading information seems designed to provoke negative sentiments against Palestinian resistance forces and set the stage for justifying potential aggressive actions by the State of Israel. Despite the lack of evidence to support these claims and subsequent denials, individuals and sensationalist media continue to perpetuate this unfounded story

If you’re concerned about the impact of war on innocent children, I suggest watching the documentary “Born in Gaza,” available on Netflix. It sheds light on the experiences of innocent children affected by the conflicts in Gaza, illustrating the challenges they face due to the ongoing situation

“Born in Gaza,” a documentary crafted in 2014, compiles interviews with children residing in Gaza who endured the loss of homes, parents, siblings, and friends during the 2014 war. Many still grapple with lingering injuries as those who survived share their stories facing the camera

The Gaza War in 2014 unfolded from July 7th to August 26th, spanning six weeks. This period witnessed the tragic loss of 1,475 civilians in the Gaza Strip, including 551 children and 299 women. Notably, 70% of the children who lost their lives were under the age of 12

In the weeks following the war, a United Nations report revealed that over 273,000 people in the Gaza Strip were displaced from their homes. Additionally, the bombings by Israeli planes left over 1.8 million people with limited access to drinking water. The impact was extensive, with 138 schools, 26 medical centers, and 872 residential houses being targeted and destroyed. Throughout most areas of Gaza, electricity usage was restricted to just two hours a day, rendering the region reminiscent of the war-torn cities from World War II, as depicted in the accompanying photos

“Born in Gaza” unfolds as a narrative tale, shedding light on the lives of Gazans, particularly children, both during and after the war. It poignantly captures the sorrowful narrative of existence in this confined strip marked by fear and death, portraying the relentless weeks of bombing by the Israeli government. The documentary vividly exposes the extent and harrowing dimensions of the crime perpetrated by the Israeli government over the course of six weeks

Watch this movie available on Netflix

The madness and killing do not cease; this tragic narrative persists almost daily

In 2021, Israeli security forces claimed the lives of 313 Palestinians, among them 71 young children: 236 in the Gaza Strip and 77 in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). Additionally, three other Palestinians lost their lives, either at the hands of armed settlers or soldiers accompanying them. A Palestinian teenager was shot by an Israeli civilian and subsequently by border police officers, while two more Palestinians fell victim to armed settlers


In October 2023, once again, all roads are closed, water and electricity have been cut off, and there is a severe food shortage. The Israeli government is threatening to harm over a million Palestinians in Gaza within 24 hours unless they evacuate their homes. Over the past six days, more than 6,000 bombs have been dropped, resulting in the deaths of thousands and injuries to many innocent people. Shockingly, in this large open-air prison with closed escape routes, over 500 Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip have become victims of Israel’s brutal bombings

Innocent Palestinian children continue to pay the highest price in these unending crimes, losing their lives in the midst of ongoing wars. Now, ask yourself: who is responsible for the deaths of these innocent children?


Reza Yazdi
14 October 2023